How to order buttons

However you order buttons, you will get  a proof and invoice quickly.

1.Text your order to the number below, simple fast!

2. Place it in person on the phone in Toronto (416) 937-2874 receive immediate feedback.
    Place it in person on the phone in Calgary (403) 969-7353 receive immediate feedback.

3. Click here to order online, there are options to attach a button image or describe your custom needs.
    Once sent you will get a email with your proof and online invoice so you can finish the order.

4. If you email us directly at
    Please include:
    Phone contact:
    Image attachment or your button concept.


Don't have a button image?
No problem we will make your custom button image for free!
Just describe your image or concept and we will email you a proof.

Rush order?
A rush button order is three days or less, under a week is considered a semi-rush.
If time is a factor or its for an important event, please call in your custom order. If you are in the Toronto area it's better to pick them up.

Payment options?
You can pay with any major credit card, PayPal or online bank transfer, you can mail a cheque as well, however for rush jobs a online payment is fastest.

Multiple images?
Subject to amount please contact

Ordering custom buttons right here in Toronto or Calgary is fast, local and easy.

That's why we encourage you to contact us via the phone if you are unclear on how much your button order will cost, or have any questions about shipping, or the custom image you want to create.

You may need it resized or built from the ground up, we do anything that has to do with image creation for free.

We can add text to your button, combine images, even take a bad photo that normally you wouldn't want to print and fix it so it's button ready.

Your pin or buttons are made in Toronto in eastern Canada, and in Calgary in western Canada, Buttonboy takes pride in that.